About us

In our therapy modern science meets ancient wisdom. In addition to the Celsius42 TCS hyperthermia device, experienced Ayurvedic therapists and integrative physicians work to ensure the long-term solution for our patient.

The body. Perfect biotechnology.

The basis of our therapy is hyperthermia, Celsius42 engineers and developers have learned everything they know about it and explore the body’s own processes and transform them into innovative medical technology.

In addition to the hyperthermia treatment, we strive to discover the cause of the disease in order to find a long-term solution.

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Together we achieve perfection.

Engineers and physicians are cooperating in the development of Celsius42 products and innovation. Their ideas come from physical biosystems, and day-to-day clinical practice serves as the touchstone.

We complement this knowledge with our own knowledge and experience, which comes from the fields of naturopathy, Ayurveda and bioenergetics in addition to clinical medicine.

In our therapy, we deal with the effects of chronic viruses, heavy metal load and other toxins and the elimination of these toxins.

What we actually do is put together a personalized therapy with the help of our specialists and help organize the location of the treatments in the appropriate institution, or clinic.

Our Team

Csaba Siffel, MD, PhD

Accomplished professional with three decades of experience in scientific research in rare conditions. His interests includes integrative, holistic, preventative medicine, and application of local hyperthermia, a complementary method in tumor-therapy, he has been studying the benefits of regional hyperthermia. Experimental studies suggest that hyperthermia is both an effective adjunctive treatment to radiotherapy and chemotherapy and is also a strong sensitizer of these treatments. Besides his work and advising people to improve their health, in his free time he enjoys scuba diving.

Hana Kendi

PhD student, Ayurvedic therapist, naturopath. She is currently researching the use of local hyperthermia as an integrative therapy for cancer at the University of Pécs (Hungary). She works in cooperation with the manufacturers and developers of the Celsius42 TCS device. Her goal is to help patients to understand which integrative therapy options are available to make clinical cancer therapy more effective and to help organise these treatments with the appropriate specialists.

Therapy42. An integrative approach to overcome cancer.

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