We treat cancer with local hyperthermia what works in tune with the body’s natural intelligence. That turns hyperthermia into a gentle and effective component of holistic cancer therapy.

Local Hyperthermia

Local hyperthermia is a type of treatment in which body tissue is heated to as high as 42°C to help damage and kill cancer cells with little or no harm to normal tissue.


Celsius42 Hyperthermia

The hyperthermia system from Celsius42 can help improve quality of life. Chemotherapy and radiation also become more effective and the body’s immune system is stimulated.

Stronger Together

Local hyperthermia to treat cancer is not widely available, but it is highly effective in integrative therapeutic use. Far more than just immunotherapy and chemotherapy, because we treat cancer holistically.

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 We work with Hyperthermia primarily, which means a targeted overheating like an artificially generated fever. As a further valuable pillar in cancer therapy, it has been proven to enhance the effect of radiation and chemotherapy…. But what is more important to us evolution has always developed temperature increases as a strategy to support the immune system. Local warmth can be a purposeful supporting – and at the same time relatively gentle – measure to combat cancer. 

About us

Our team handles Celsius42 TCS medical technology with great experience. We always work in cooperation with the patient and we treat cancer with a holistic approach.

Local hyperthermia

 …is the overheating of the body for healing purposes. The principle of therapeutic fever. Regionally restricted and controllable.

Science with ancient wisdom

We are constantly monitoring the latest cancer research results, but on the other hand we like to use ancient remedies in our therapy.